【Enterprise Cultural Week】Six Contractors at TSNP Carried out “Procedure Compliance • The Best Show” Fulfilling the Value of “Doing Things Right in On

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“Always put nuclear safety first……Keeping promises, taking responsibilities and being a qualified staff of TNPJVC.” In the evening of September 26th, with the witness of more than 500 construction workers, Guo Xiquan, Chief Safety Officer of TNPJVC, led senior management of five contractors located in TSNP, including HXCC Taishan Department,C23 Taishan Department, CSCEC Taishan Department, GPEC Taishan Department and CGN Power Service Corporation Taishan Branch, to swear an oath about “Five persistence” and started up activities of enterprise culture themed as “Procedure Compliance·The Best Show”.

Focusing on the theme “Stay true to our mission and realize our dream” of CGN enterprise culture week, TNPJVC organized a PK show named “Procedure Compliance·The Best Show” in sports center with other five units forming six teams, themed as “Do things right in one go” and “Procedure Compliance, against violation”.

All teams had names and slogan with momentum as well as creative appearance show which demonstrated not only their unique style but also their mission of “Procedure Compliance, against violation”.

Next was the time for story telling about the topic “I am the best for complying with procedures”. Each team told true stories happened at work to interpret their understanding and agreement of “Procedure Compliance, against violation” from different views. Every story was greeted with supporters’ cheers and the decibel value from audience earned their first score.

Is the PK show enough to justify? Of course not! Next came the part of “Q &A” and “Answering questions with help of audience”. Each team and their director group prepared 8 video questions focusing on experience feedback and good practice related with working procedures. Difficult or easy, every question told us “Procedure Compliance, against violation”.

After 3 rounds of PK, TNPJVC got the narrow victory. As the host said, the competition result did not matter most, the most important thing was that from the competition we learned and decided to give the best performance in complying procedures at work.

“Always put nuclear safety first, keeping in mind safety first, quality first and pursuit of excellence; Doing things right in one go; Respecting procedures, maintaining honesty, transparency and continuous improvement; Setting an example for others and being people-oriented; keeping promises, taking responsibilities and being a qualified staff of TNPJVC.”, senior management of the six units reviewed the oath with the audience at the end. Being a qualified staff of TNPJVC, staying true to our mission and realizing our dream, and developing a better TNPJVC are shared missions of all contributors to Taishan project construction.