Macao Government and Society Delegation Visited TSNP of CGN for the First Time

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On November 24th 2016, 34 representatives from 17 Macao government departments including Security of Macau, Government Information Bureau, IACM (The Official Provisional Municipal Council of Macau), MES (Macao Economic Services) and Fire Service Bureau, and societies including UGAMM (Uniao Geral das Associacaes dos Moradores de Macau), Macau Federation of Trade Unions, Macau Red Cross, arrived TSNP to learn nuclear power knowledge and experience nuclear safety culture by visit and exchange meeting. General Manager Guo Limin and Assistant General Manager Deng Zhengping,of TNPJVC had in depth exchange with the delegation.

At the exchange meeting, TNPJVC introduced the project progress, information openness, environmental protection and public welfare. In science exhibition hall, delegation learned about principles of nuclear power generation, safety shield of nuclear power plant, safety protection as well as the progressiveness and safety of EPR, the 3rd generation nuclear power technology.

Later, the delegation investigated construction site of TSNP, got close to NI, CI in progress and climbed on sight-viewing platform in 108-meter height to get a bird’s-eye view of TSNP construction site. Besides, they visited Emergency Headquarter of TSNP and obtained practical knowledge about safety supervision and emergency management concerned by the public of Macao.

It was the first time Macao delegation visited TSNP. For a long time, CGN has insisted on publicity and transparency, and actively invited the public to visit nuclear power site and learn the real status of construction and operation. On August 7th 2016, the 500000th people visited CGN on “The Public Open Day”.

TNPJVC has adhered to the idea of “Publicity, Transparency” since project commencement and actively exchanged with public. A total of about 23 thousand person-times with more than 1100 batches have visited TSNP. TNPJVC has convened annual press conference every year since 2013 to make public the information such as project progress of TSNP; “The Public Open Day” has been carried out every August 7th to invite public representatives to TSNP. Besides, information is released via official website and WeChat for more people to have a good knowledge of TSNP.

After field investigation, the delegation appreciated the rewarding “transparent trip” to TSNP, obtained a more comprehensive, more scientific and more rational view of nuclear power, and was deeply impressed by strict safety management and well-regulated construction site of TSNP.