【Good Neighbors】A Song from Neighbors

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“Who makes me acquainted of beauty? It’s our motherland. Who makes me feel miraculous? It’s the colorful land……” A string of beautiful sound came out of children’s month along with clear and melodious sound of the piano. Their music teacher in a black dress conducted on the stage, leaving an appealing view from behind.

These primary students in grade 5 came from Chixi Center School around TSNP. When asked about the feeling of the performance in TSNP Spring Festival Gala, “Wonderful!” a child blurted out. He said he had never been in such a huge performance even though having learned chorus for 2 years. Their music teacher also expressed gratitude to TNPJVC for the platform provided and considered it beneficial to children’s practice and growth, because they could experience and feel something they have never had before.

It was the second time for the music teacher to come to TSNP. In 2014 when she first came to Chixi Center School to be a teacher, the principal has brought her to visit. “I think it’s good to be neighbor with nuclear power plant. It would drive the local economic development”, said the teacher with smile. A child mumbled “My elder brother works here, but I don’t know what he does.” “My cousin sister works here too!” Another girl said. According to incomplete statistics, nearly 400 Chixi people participated in the construction of Taishan nuclear power project in different units in 2016.

Being good neighbor of local communities is an idea kept by TNPJVC for all time. In 2014, course about nuclear power popularization was developed in Chixi Center School, and many of these children have attended “The First Class” of nuclear power popularization. They would learn textbooks, Nuclear, You and Me, systematically in junior high school in the future.

In 2017, more staff of TNPJVC will go to Chixi Center School, not only to lecture science, give out books and help out students, but also to organize staff in TNPJVC with interest and specialties in singing, painting, dancing or handwriting to bring more inspiration and happiness to the children.