Joint Job Fair Held among Construction Parties and Chixi Town at TSNP

Create Date:2017-05-03  【 big normal small 】

On April 27th, TNPJVC organized 4 construction parties of Taishan project with joint participation of Chixi government to hold 2 job fairs in Chixi town, Taishan. Over 110 pieces of job application registrations from Chixi town as well as other local communities were received.

After years of effort to facilitate the participation of local communities in project construction by TNPJVC paid off, this job fair stood on the features of the project and developed towards large-scale and normalization platform. With the support of Chixi government and encouraging involvement of the construction parties, it was a trial to increase local employment rate and play a role as targeted poverty reduction of the local government as employment opportunities were created for the local communities.

From the idea grown at the very beginning to the activity implementation, local government and TNPJVC kept close ties and cooperated well. The local communities from Chixi town highly recognized the job fair and expected more similar activities in the future.

As part of “Good Neighbors” project in 2017, this platform built by TNPJVC improved local employment and stimulated the targeted poverty reduction of the local government. In the future, TNPJVC, together with the local government will plan more activities in the interest and benefit of the local communities so as to develop sound government-enterprise relationship, fulfill social responsibilities and be a good neighbor.