2017 Safety Culture Shock Education Activity Held at TSNP

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On Dec. 28th, 2017 safety culture shock education activity was carried out at TNPJVC. The lecture was mainly delivered by Zhao Wensheng, Deputy General Manager of TNPJVC. A total of over 230 persons, including General Management, associated senior management and key personnel dedicated to certain areas from operations sector, project sector and functional sector have attended the meeting.

With focus on the existing situation, challenges and expectations, the activity analyzed management and cultural issues reflected in the events occurred in the field. The actual situation of TSNP was also considered to analyze the areas to be improved in operations management. During the activity, participants interacted vigorously and shared their own views based on experiences.

It was required in the activity that all employees shall firmly bear the bottom line, namely red line awareness in mind and follow the principle of honesty, transparency, procedure compliance and against violation. A sense of crisis is required like walking on the thin ice. All shall hold crisis in awe and veneration and be committed to secure nuclear safety.