TSNP Unit 1 Started Fuel Loading upon the Approval of NNSA

Create Date:2018-04-11  【 big normal small 】

On the afternoon of April 10th, at Beijing Office, Mr. Liu Hua, the Vice Minister of Ministry of Ecology and Environment and Director of NNSA (National Nuclear Safety Administration), issued the first fuel loading permit of TSNP Unit 1 to TNPJVC. SCRO (Southern China Regional Office) signed to release the fuel loading control point after confirming in the field check that TSNP Unit 1 was ready for fuel loading. At 20:18, Unit 1 started the loading of first group of fuel assembly.

As the operating organizations,  TNPJVC will fully abide by Laws of the People’s Republic of China on Nuclear Safety and other relevant laws and regulations, adhering to the principle of “Safety First, Quality Foremost, Pursuing Excellent” and the principle of “Doing Things Right in One Go”. We will faithfully carry out all tasks to ensure the stable operation after the fuel loading.