Youth League Committee of TNPJVC organized the volunteering activity of “A Wedding Photo for You” in the neighborhood

Create Date:2019-03-08  【 big normal small 】

On March 8th, Youth League Committee of TNPJVC organized the first session of volunteering activity of warm neighborhood in 2019.

There is a chill in the air in early spring. Against wind and rain, volunteers headed to houses of two senior couples, offering them the “delayed” wedding photo.

Both the couples, known as Yang Yungeng family and Yang Xiufang family, expressed that though married nearly 40 years, they never prepared a set of full-dress wedding photos as offered by volunteers. All volunteers worked in team, to design poses for the couples, making them feel comfortable in the process of photographing. As the photos completed, each couple chose one as their favorite. Later, the photos would be printed out and delivered to them with photo frame during the revisiting.