We are good neighbors

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Taishan Nuclear Power Plant organized the seventh “August 7th” Public open day. Nearly 50 people visited the base, which included students, teachers, and neighboring villagers. A group of journalists also attended this activity.

Local people and French friends, it’s very kind!

At first, the public visited the science popularization exhibition hall. Ms. Zhang Yaci, a commentator working in TSNP who was also the local, gave an introduction about TNSP to the public. She had been an intern in TSNP in 2014 when she was still in college. She didn’t hesitate to choose to work here after graduation, because she thought TSNP was close to her home and with a good environment. The public learned about the construction, the power generation principle and the safety characteristics of TSNP through the introduction. Mr. Vincent LANCIEN, the other tall and handsome commentator who was an EDF staff working in TSNP, also attracted everyone’s attention. He told everyone in fluent Chinese that he gave lecture to the students in Youfu Middle School in Chixi town as a volunteer. Now he’s been a “volunteer” of TSNP for public communication. He also participated in the “8.7” Public Open Day last year, to tell the story of Sino-French cooperation.

Q&A of nuclear power knowledge? Easy job!

Everyone was quietly listening to the introduction in the first half of visit to the exhibition hall. Then they became active and lively when it turned to the interaction part of Q&A. When Vincent asked the first question “which country has the most nuclear power units in the world?”, many students raised their hands and they did it so fast that Vincent didn’t know which one should he choose to answer. Some students even knew the answer (1.8 meters) to the very professional question “how thick is the double containment of TSNP?”

The students’ understanding about nuclear power knowledge also surprised the press corps who came along, so they interviewed the students. It turned out that all the students had learned Nuclear You and Me, a science popularization book which was made together by TSNP and Education Bureau of Taishan. The book has been used for six consecutive years as textbook in Youfu School and Zhongxin School in Chixi Town, and Xinning Shool in downtown, learned by 21000 students.

Later, the visitors watched the “Project of FOAK” documentary, which was produced in seven consecutive years and recorded the construction of FOAK by the project team with the consensus of “One team; one goal; we committee; we win”.

Experience HERT, explore nuclear safety culture

Boys and girls, can you score 100 on the test? Have you ever lost points because of carelessness?” These words provided visitors with a fitting scene to place themselves into the HERT training. It is a part of TSNP’s propaganda that enables the public to deeply understand safety cultures of a nuclear power plant. Visitors, journalists included, were divided into three groups to embody the three tools of three-step communication, operation supervision and STAR self-inspection, and experienced the rigorous working methods and the emphasis on safety in a nuclear power plant.

Teachers and students favored the most the explication of “STAR self-inspection” by Mr. Ma Yongjun. At the end of the course, one teacher told his students that: “Both working in nuclear power plant and student’s answering questions need carefulness. It is worthy of our reference to nuclear power plants because they use clear methods and steps to regulate employees’ behaviors and avoid mistakes.” Mr. Lv Hua, who explained “three-step communication”, quoted the words of the recent popular movie NEZHA at the end of the course, “I am the master of my fate”, and proposed “I am the master of the communication”, hoping that everyone can use “three-step communication” to avoid failed communication. Students were very lively in Mr. Wang Tao’s “operation supervision” class. They were divided into groups consisting of two people to practice “operation supervision”.

After that, visitors went to high-end atmospheric grade FSS classroom, where the FSS instructor narrated the growth of the operators. Each operator need at least three years of learning and exams to obtain the license conferred by the nation to be eligible to operate the unit.

“My restaurant for agritourism benefits from TSNP.”

At last, visitors took a close look at the site, including tall buildings like NI and CI, from the viewing platform. During the visit, a villager from the surrounding area carefully looked at the original appearance of the site displayed on the board. He used to do farming here, “at that time, farming is very hard with high risk. We were often worried about the typhoon. Now I run a restaurant for agritourism that benefits a lot from the construction of TSNP, because it brings a lot of people here. In the future, my restaurant will benefit more from TSNP because of more visitors.”

Sincerity brings confidence and relieves worry

“Aug.7”, the public open day is the pubic communication of TNPJVC in miniature. TNPJVC has been dedicated to being a good neighbor of the local community. Through the activity of “a good neighbor” with the target of“making neighbors feel safe, warm and friendly” and the active nuclear power scientific popularization activities of “going into the community” and “inviting the public to the site”, TNPJVC give confidence to the public and assure the local community that there is nothing to worry about regarding the nuclear power station. From the start of the project to the end of 2018, visits to TNPJVC site have been over 25 thousand man-time. In the future, we will continue to uphold the principle of “sincerity brings confidence and relieves worry” to invite more people to the site.