TSNP carried out Good Neighbor activity in Chinese New Year

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Since the Chinese New Year was coming, Good Neighbor activity was carried out to five administrative villages near TSNP. TSNP visited the old party members, the elderly and people in straitened circumstances, and thanked the neighbor communities for supporting TSNP project.

During the visit, each village committee secretary thanked TSNP for the long-term and heart-warming activity to the elderly and the people in straitened circumstances.

Apart from concentrated visit, the team also visited the people of advanced age and people have difficulty in moving in their houses. Being led by the workers in Caochong village committee, the visit group arrived in the house of the 92-year old man, Mr. Zhong Lidai. They offered him the warm care from TSNP and chatted with him.Although Mr. Zhong Lidai did not hear very well, he tried his best to communicate with everyone, and he wished TSNP can get better and better, in his very hale Hakka language. His sincere and kind face made everyone feel at home.