“Thousands of miles away her travelling son, the threads in the fond mother’s hand”

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On April 2nd, the famous Manchester Central Convention Complex was being modified by the army to a second Nightingale cabin hospital. On April 6th, 323 cases were tested as positive to the novel coronavirus, the Manchester Evening News reported. Under a Micro-blog topic of #Panic chicken buying of UK public# UK pandemic#, one Chinese micro-blog from Manchester said:”Hope I can buy eggs in next week”. While Li Fan, studying in Manchester University for master’s degree, did not notice the time difference and sent a Weixin message to Li Yantao, his colleague in TNPJVC, from 9700KM away: “Masks urgently needed, and also Yangjiang tempeh!”

Li Yantao is not only a colleague of Li Fan in the same department, but also the designer of the APP to collect information daily for pandemic prevention and control of the company. He knew from the statistics that there were total 15 persons studying and working in Europe and North America at present, including the employees and their families. And their feedback was it was very hard to buy mask. Travelling far away, they are cared and concerned by the company and every parent and spouse.

The Communist Youth League committee of TNPJVC got to know this information and decided to send masks as soon as possible to the employees and their families abroad. Li Yantao and Liu Xianbiao promptly set about. The pandemic prevention and control office of the company gave support the very first time: “we are concerned about the colleagues abroad all the time, and care their health condition every day. The masks can be got for delivery immediately.” But besides the masks, can we show more concerns and cares? Liu Xianbiao and Li Yantao called the CYL committee together and finally got an idea. “writing cards” was an amazing idea agreed after discussion: our friends abroad saw foreign characters every day, but if we can write the cards with several Chinese sentences of concerns and blessings they would feel warm.

Volunteers (Li Yantao, Sun Wenguang, Zhou Zhifei, Zhang Ashu) were packing the masks

Time is pressing; we’d better get started right away! However, it took time to design and print cards, how could we do? Sun Wenguang suggested using the meeting table cards instead. How really good the idea was! Liu Haijun, the deputy general manager of the company, instantly wrote to two employees studying abroad: “Thousands of miles away her travelling son, the threads in the fond mother’s hand. TNPJVC is your strong support!” He also told the CYL committee to persistently care everybody and know their statuses. Some colleagues having family members abroad also wrote down their concerns and encouragement.