TSNP "Good Neighbor" Spring Festival Visites to Neighbors

Create Date:2021-02-05  【 big normal small 】

    Spring Festival is drawing near. On Feb. 4th, TNPJVC organized “Good neighbor” Spring Festival visits to five local administrative villages, sending greetings to the aged Party members, people at advanced age and poverty-stricken families. It is one of the “Good neighbor” activities conducted by TNPJVC every year. 

    In the village committee of Dutou, TNPJVC colleagues tried to learn and care about the lives and health of the elderly, and wished them happy New Year and good health, the elderly’s faces lit up with pleasure. Secretaries of the village committee appreciated that TNPJVC organizes these warm long-term activities for people at advanced age, poverty-stricken families and the aged Party members in the local community.