Good Neighbors: TNPJVC’s Greetings to the Seniors of Local Communities in Double Ninth Festival

Create Date:2016-10-11  【 big normal small 】

Double Ninth Festival came again! On October 9th, TNPJVC visited and sent sincere greetings to more than 500 elderly over 80-year-old of local communities, including five administrative villages Tonggu, Pangbo, Beimen, Dutou and Caochong.

When TNPJVC staff knew that Li Ruidi, a 98-year-old lady in Beimen village, had a poor sight, they went to her home for greetings accompanied by village committee members. Li, sitting by the door, felt very happy and grateful after knowing our intention of coming. A middle-age woman living on the opposite said: “TNPJVC visited the senior in festivals every year. It’s good.”

The project of “Good Neighbors” in TSNP will be kept on via activities such as visit in festivals for greetings and inviting the senior to visit the site to send care and love to local communities.