Safety Culture Seminar of TNPJVC Convened

Create Date:2016-12-26  【 big normal small 】

On December 23th, TNPJVC safety culture seminar, hosted by Yu Huiping the manager of Nuclear Safety and License Department, was held in Training Center A311. Assistant General Manager and Chief Safety Officer Guo Xiquan, relevant management from operations sector, project sector and functional departments have attended this meeting.

Firstly, the property and cases of ten characteristics arising from INPO safety culture were introduced in the seminar. Combined with ten characteristics of INPO safety culture, the participants discussed the actual status of TNPJVC safety culture. Later, main work about safety culture development in 2016 was reviewed, including dedicated activities themed “Procedures compliance, against violation”, shock education of safety culture, human error reduction, safety culture popularization and competition. Besides, dedicated discussion have been carried out on topics such as “Procedures compliance, against violation”, human error reduction, transparency and experience feedback contribution improvement as well as key work about safety culture for next year.

Valuable opinions achieved in this seminar shall serve as major reference for safety culture development in 2017.