Have You Fastened Your Seatbelt Today?

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As usual, People went back home through the one-hour shuttle bus journey after a day’s work. This is exactly some people’s daily life in TSNP.

But today, it is unusual, a “Yellow Vest” group is staying in the boarding area, muttering in a circle. It seems that they are “plotting” something.

The shuttle bus is about to leave, and the driver, as usual, makes a safety tip ,“Please fasten your seatbelt”.

Just then, those “Yellow Vest” people board on the bus with long strides, two persons in a team, one Chinese staff and one French staff, look over each passenger to check if the seatbelt is correctly worn or not. The right ones get SMILE sign,and the wrong ones get CRY .

Cheers and laughter burst out in bus. Some of them grin and win a SMILE, some of them hurry to wear the seatbelts waiting for a SMILE, but others were ever given CRY , fasten the seat belts and “ask” for a SMILE!

Actually it is a “Safety Inspection”. TNPJVC, a Sino-French joint venture, with its “international style”, can not only cooperate to build a nuclear power plant, but also do the “signing” safety check.

This is a “fresh inspection” on traffic safety cooperated by ELD of TNPJVC and AREVA. We use “SMILE” to encourage each staff to fasten the seatbelt, help them strength the safety awareness, remind them Safety First, and start from small thing.

Safety is in work site, as well as in living areas, such as , the posted safety instruction, the traffic joint inspection with police, and the safety warning for children in Living Area. In Fact, Safety is in every detail.

People said:
“It was the first time for me to experience this interesting ‘attack’. It surprised me!”
“I think I will remember to wear my seatbelt in future!”
“ The activity is so good, it helps me to improve my safety awareness in such relax and happy way. And I can also feel the care from company!”

So have you fastened your seatbelt today?