Taishan Municipal Government “Knowing TSNP in Full Coverage”

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On Mar.15th 2017, 30 visitors from Taicheng Street Office and Taishan Tourism Administration (TTA) arrived at TSNP. According to the agreement with Taishan Municipal Committee and Municipal Government early this year, this was the first batch of entities and officers to launch the activity of “Knowing TSNP in Full Coverage”.

At first, they were at Gana Room to watch the film named First Load Project. After watching, all the visitors appraised TSNP project as a ‘super project’ and deeply realized its difficulty in nuclear power construction. Then they moved to exhibition hall to learn about the principles of nuclear power generation, safety features and other science knowledge of TSNP which removing some misunderstandings and worries on radioactivity in the nuclear power plant. Finally, they came to the viewing platform of on-site C Building, surveying the whole construction site.

Mr. Chen Xianfu from TTA, who had visited here for many times, strongly agreed this activity and said, “For government staff with public credibility, the popularization on nuclear power was a very important way to learn it and to be a better advocate.

There will be nearly 60 government entities visiting TSNP in 2017 based on this activity. It will enhance the understanding of government officers on the nuclear power plant, and strengthen the publicity among people. It’s also a very good chance for each department of TSNP to set up some new communication platforms accessible to relative government departments to push our harmonious development in local.