You and Me: Drawing the World

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On sunny March 23rd, there was an art class in Chixi Centre School. The sun was shining beautifully in through the classroom windows, when students did the drawing of their dream world. The new art teacher didn’t give them any theme, but wished them to explore the imagination on anything they would like to draw.

She carefully observed the basic movements of every student to correct their gestures, line drawing and color filling method, and also taught some skills of her own to these students.

It was the first time for Ms. Gu Lili, a volunteer teacher came from TSNP, to come to Chixi Centre School. From that day on, she formally joined the art teaching in the Elementary School of Chixi Centre School as a TSNP volunteer teacher. After invited, she replied that “I also like drawing, which makes me learn a lot. Why not helping more people with my own hobby? ”

Actually, TSNP started nuclear lessons in Chixi Centre School before. In the future, except for this beautiful teacher with her art lessons, other volunteer teacher will also come here to teach music and writing.

In this class, little Lan Jiaxi drew a little donkey which Ms. Gu liked it very much. She said that she would like to ride on this donkey with Little Lan to join the drawing competition and share the reward with those students. So the purpose of this volunteer action is to help them attending a drawing competition in Taishan, where they could fly dreams in a better stage.