“TSNP is safe, and we feel safe” ——A Delegation of NPC Members from Baisha Town and Sanhe Town, Taishan City Visited TSNP

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On the morning of June 27, a delegation of 38 NPC members of Baisha town and Sanhe town, Taishan city visited TSNP. This was the third time for Taishan’s NPC members to visit TSNP following the visits paid by NPC delegations from Chixi town, Duhu town, Doushan town and Chonglou town.

Firstly, the delegation visited the public exhibition hall, gained the knowledge of nuclear power generation principle, safety barrier and protection of nuclear power plant, as well as the state-of-the-art technology and safety of EPR 3rd generation. When it comes to the safety characteristics of EPR, such as the double-layer containment and four trains of safety facilities, the delegation said “We were told the advanced technology of TSNP unit long time ago. And today we had a down-to-earth picture of internal view, obtained interpretation about the background and better experienced the advancement and safety of TSNP. We feel very safe.”

“The truth is that the living area for TSNP employees is so close to the site. As employees live at the closest place to the site and they feel safe, let alone us.”

“My last visit to Chixi town was two years ago. This time we found that significant change has taken place in the local communities around TSNP. The local development is indeed driven by the construction of nuclear power, and we very appreciate the activities usually organized by TSNP such as recruitment, voluntary teaching and visits for the elderly.”

The guide interpreter introduced the layout and planning of TSNP in front of the sand table model. The delegation stared at the sand table model and looked into the future, all sorts of feelings welled up in their mind. Later, the delegation visited the project construction site and had a global picture of Unit 1 and Unit 2 from the viewing platform.