105 Teachers and Students of South China University of Technology (SCUT) Visited TSNP

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From July 3 to 4, 105 teachers and students of session 2014 from SCUT whose major are in nuclear engineering and thermal power engineering visited TSNP.

During the visit, the instructor of training department presented an overview of Taishan project and introduced The Technical Specifics of CEPR. The wonderful and in-depth demonstration stimulated the interest of teachers and students. The atmosphere of excitement pervaded as question was raised one by one. The teachers and students said a clearer impression of nuclear power plant was gained after the Q & A process. Afterwards, they visited the public exhibition hall, model exhibition area in training center and the full scope simulator (FSS). What’s more, they had a global view of Unit 1 and Unit 2 from the 108-meter viewing platform. They learnt more about the project situation of TSNP and the advancement of EPR after the interpretation and field visit.

This visit allowed the students of SCUT to have a close access and a clear knowledge of nuclear power. After having an overview of Taishan project, students could integrate the theories learnt at the class with the practice at site, and get a better understanding of the theories.

During the visit, staff of TSNP gave detail answers to various questions from the students in terms of work, study and living. The students said that this visit improved their cognition of nuclear power plant and provided important reference for their future career choices.