TSNP Invited Taishan Municipal Government Departments for Visit 

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On Dec. 15th, 43 members of the Taishan Bureau of Justice, the last governmental visitor of the activity of “Taishan Municipal Government Departments’ Visit to Nuclear Power Plant” visited TSNP. The activity covering all Taishan municipal government departments was completed with so far totally 40 batches, roughly 900 governmental members, have visited TSNP. In the light of the good result, nuclear power scientific popularization education at TSNP is regarded as a training course by Taishan for new comers to municipal government departments.

According to regular visit process of nuclear power scientific popularization education, visitors of the Taishan Bureau of Justice firstly watched a popularization video FOAK accompanied by TNPJVC employees to learn the construction history of TSNP. Afterwards, TNPJVC employee introduced the principles of nuclear power generation, safety barriers and protection of nuclear power plant as well as the advance and safety of the third generation of EPR technology. At the end of the day, visitors overlooked the construction site at the sightseeing platform close to C building.

The visitors said the visit to TSNP improved their knowledge of TSNP, cleared some of their concerns about nuclear power and strengthened their confidence in the development of nuclear power. Visitors also said that they would popularize the nuclear power knowledge in future work and life based on the practical experience to let more people leave their steps in nuclear power plant.

“Taishan Municipal Government Departments’ Visit to Nuclear Power Plant” was a nuclear power scientific popularization activity jointly carried out by TNPJVC and Taishan municipal government. The visits enhanced scientific knowledge of nuclear power plant among staff of government organization. It serves as a basis to extend the coverage of nuclear science popularization and create a social environment supporting the construction and development of TSNP.