“Good Neighbor” with the Advent of Spring Festival----TNPJVC Visited the Underprivileged Residents in Local Communities

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On February 8th, TNPJVC organized the visit to underprivileged residents of five surrounding administrative villages for delivering spring festival greeting.

During the visit to Beimen village, Secretary Tang of the village committee expressed his gratitude to TNPJVC for keeping heart-warming activities targeted at the elder people and underprivileged residents in the surrounding communities. To the village representatives present during the visit, he said: “TNPJVC is always concerned about neighbors like us. As neighbors, we are strongly in favor of the development of nuclear power. I wish TNPJVC could generate power as soon as possible.”

Before New Year’s Day, the New Year calendar for scientific popularization made by TNPJVC had been sent to more than 3800 households of good neighbors in the surrounding communities, as an action to realize CGN’s aim of “making neighbors feel warm, friendly and safe”. Through various types of nuclear scientific knowledge popularization, the surrounding residents will gain better understanding of nuclear power plant.

In 2018, based on the “good neighbor” scientific knowledge popularization, TNPJVC will continue the scientific knowledge popularization and maintain the good relationship with the surrounding communities.