A contented and hopeful visit by Macao youth in TSNP

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Organized by the government of Macao Special Administrative Region, Wu Jinhua, the police chief assistance of Macao, led totally 75 people of Macao government officials and youth representatives to visit TSNP. By visits and exchanges, they knew about nuclear science, nuclear safety culture and operation of First of a Kind EPR in Taishan. Mr. Deng Zhengping, the General Manager Assistance of TNPJVC led the exchange with the representatives.

(The youth representatives visited the nuclear science exhibition hall)

The youth representatives visited nuclear science exhibition hall, full scope simulation training room and the site, and understood the science knowledge, such as the nuclear power generation theory, safety barriers, safety protection, operator training, as well as the advanced and safe technology of the third generation EPR. And a thorough exchange concerning nuclear safety supervision, nuclear waste disposal and nuclear emergency was well performed.

(Youth from Macao visit full-scope simulator training classroom.)

During the visit, the Macao youth representatives took a lesson of HERT training, understanding how “monitoring operation”, “three-way communication” and other HERT are used in nuclear power operations, as well as a rigorous work style of TSNP. The representatives are impressed not only by safe equipment, but also by standard human behaviors and working methods.

(Macao youth experience “monitoring operation” in HERT cards.)

In the end of this journey, the youth representatives expressed that, this journey to TSNP benefited them a lot and removed their doubts about nuclear power plants. They are aware of nuclear power from a more scientific perspective, understanding more about the third generation of EPR nuclear power technology adopted by TSNP, as well as safety monitoring and management of nuclear power plant. And they know engineering construction and operations status in nuclear power in reality. So they said “relieved” and “confident” when they were talking about their feelings about TSNP after this journey. Moreover, they expressed the feeling of secured and supports to Chinese nuclear power with the sentence that “a strong nuclear power nation with craftsman’s spirit”.

(The Macao youth took a group photo on TSNP viewing platform.)

It is the fourth time that Macao representatives visit TSNP, including youth representatives, NPC members, community public, and representatives of government agencies, etc., with a total of nearly 200 people. Since the beginning of the construction, TSNP has adhered to concepts of “openness and transparency”, actively communicating and exchanging with the public, so as TSNP can be known and understood by more and more people. Up to know, TSNP has received more than 30000 person-times visit.