Filling children’s hearts with love—TSNP “Heart and Wish” voluntary activity

Create Date:2019-06-20  【 big normal small 】

Recently, two “trees” at SLA canteen and turntable of SLA phaseⅡ raising everyone’s attention, which are publicity board of “Heart and wish” voluntary activity. On the “trees”, colorful wish cards of 101 children of Youfu primary school in Chixi Town are posted.

The wish cards carry hope and joy of children. “I want Hundred Thousand Whys”. “I want two boxes of white chalks”. “I want sunscreen!”…… Agreeably as people read the lovely wishes. They picked out the card and imagined how children felt when the wishes were taken down. “This kid needs a guitar. I just have one. I can give her my guitar and a tutorial!” “Aha, the girl who wants sunscreen must value on how she looks. I will satisfy her desire.”…… In only a while were all the wish cards claimed.

Two days later, early in the morning, volunteers went to Youfu Primary School. When the bell rang, they went into a classroom with gifts. Excited and eagerly anticipated, children gazed at volunteers handing out gifts. Once they got the gifts, they loved the gifts so much that they could hardly part with them. “The guitar is the best gift ever. I need to concentrate on the approaching final exam, and then I can practice playing the guitar during summer vacation. Thank donators from Taishan Nuclear Power Plant.” Jiang Qingyou, the girl who received the guitar, added gleefully.

Lastly, teaching staff from Youfu Primary School expressed gratitude to all the volunteers. “Thanks for the sincere care shown to our children. I hope they can grow up happily and carry your volunteer spirits forward in the years ahead.”