TSNP Carrying out Safety Retraining for Key Persons in Charge and Safety Management Personnel in 2019

Create Date:2019-11-25  【 big normal small 】

On 21st, November, safety retraining for key persons in charge and safety management personnel of TSNP was carried out in the base, given by Professor Wang Ding, senior engineer of China Academy of Safety, Science and Technology.

The training mainly included the overview of safety production laws and regulations, the statutory duties of enterprise production safety, the interpretation of Safety Production Law and Regulations on Emergency Response to Production Safety Incidents, etc. Mr. Wang started his speech with accident cases, elucidated the requirements of the country on the implementation of enterprise’s responsibility for safety production and emphasized the consciousness of safety red line. This training increased everyone's comprehensive understanding of safety production laws and regulations, enhanced everyone's awareness of safety responsibility, but also deepened everyone's understanding of "safety first".

More than 150 people attended this training, including TSNP GM leaders, deputy chief engineers, department managers, safety coordinators, full-time safety management personnel, project head of partnership and safety managers.