Voluntary Blood Donation in TNPJVC

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On Feb.3rd, a voluntary blood donation was held in TNPJVC.

At 9:00 am, employees arrived early to fill out form of application for blood donation, register, take the body check, and have the blood pressure and blood type measurement. Wearing a smile, everyone rolled up their sleeves for blood donation. At the same time, the medical workers spread the general knowledge of blood donation and gave advice of “the do’s and don’ts” to the blood donors.

74 employees from TNPJVC and cooperative partners applied for joining this donation. And 50 were qualified to donate with a total of 13800ml blood. This donation demonstrates that TSNP people care about the society and love others with a spirit of making contribution. It plays an important role in improving the shortage of blood for clinical use in Taishan and Jiangmen.