TSNP Carrying out Special Training for Partnerships about Human Error Prevention

Create Date:2019-11-29  【 big normal small 】

On the evening of November 27th, TSNP zero-human factors working group carried out the training about human error prevention on the Phase I basketball court. Six partnerships of the Operations line (China Nuclear Industry Maintenance Co., LTD., Huainan Electric Maintenance Co., LTD., Yaomeng Electric Power Co., LTD, Guangdong Topkey Power Technical Development Co., LTD., China Energy Engineering Group Northeast No.1 Electric Power Construction Co., LTD. and Beijing Pion Technology Co., LTD.) participated in the training.

The human error prevention outdoor training, with basketball as the carrier, integrates the concept of human error prevention, and combines skillfully the application of HERT with basketball, in the form of basketball game, teaching through lively activities, so that trainees can gain the knowledge while enjoy the games. By simulation of the possible field conditions and setting up different human error traps, the training required participants to use seven human error reduction tools (pre-briefing, procedures, three-stage communication, star self-examination, one-minute pause, and questioning attitude) to avoid mistakes.

In the sharing session after the activity, everyone analyzed the human errors and non-standard behaviors in the training and summarized the good behaviors. By the sharing, all participants realized that the consciousness of human error reduction needs to be maintained all the time, and using human error reduction tools can effectively lower the risk so that to ensure safety and quality in work.