Heart-warmingactions to the neighborhood by TSNP Party Branch

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Since the party history education, the Party Branch of TSNP has cooperated with local government to do practical work and solve difficulties for the neighborhood in daily issues such as electricity safety, healthcare and elderly service.

The Party Branch of electrical maintenance checked the electricity safety and modified the electrical circuit for the Gans, the household entitled to subsistence allowances in Longjing Village. They use their professional skills to completely solve the safety hidden risks in cable aging, wrong cable connection, loosen connections and earth leakage protection issues.

The Party Branch of OSP and SGC organized the volunteer activity of “free repair and free diagnosis” in Tonggu Village. Medical volunteers measured blood pressure and blood glucose for the villagers, checked their bodies and gave health advices to them. Volunteers of free repair carefully checked and repaired the home appliances brought by the villagers.

The Party Branch of the party and the masses and discipline inspection visited two old party members with a party standing of more than 50 years in Chixi Town. Although both of them are old, they still follow the news and politics, and actively take part in branch activities. The Party Branch gave them the party history books and gifts donated by the Party Branch and sent them the holiday greetings of “July 1st”, wishing them health and happiness.