Pay teibute to those who stay behind for lighting up thousands of families

Create Date:2022-02-04  【 big normal small 】

When thousands of families lighted up their houses and enjoyed family reunion during Spring Festival, a group of workers who are dedicated and responsible chose to hold fast to their positions in TSNP.

▲Team six of operation shift was in night shift on Spring Festival’s Eve.

▲Hua Shilin in team three of operation shift was having walkdown.

▲Xiao Donglei of Planning Department was drawing up daily operations plan.

▲Li Fuxi and Liu Jiecong of environmental supervision section under Chemistry and Environmental Protection Department were having system walkdown.

▲Liao Jin of auxiliary section under Machinery Department was checking important equipment in CI, such as APA pumps.

▲Wu Bo and Mo Dingjin of radiation protection section under Safety Protection Department were measuring the radiation level.

▲Colleagues of CGNS electrical and mechanical section were checking elevators in living areas.

▲Zhang Haipeng of catering company was making steaming hot and sweet-smelling food.

▲On-duty securities of No.1 gate were checking the health pass and health QR codes of workers who need to access the plant in the Covid-19 pandemic period.