Review of Taishan Nuclear Power Plant Successfully Ended

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From April 12th to 28th, the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) conducted a three-week peer review (PR) for Taishan Nuclear Power Plant (TSNP). This is the first WANO PR for TSNP after the commercial operation. The PR team consists of 30 experts from 9 countries, carrying out a full-scope review on nine areas and two dedicated items.

Amid the PR, WANO experts conducted a comprehensive and detailed review for the power plant in accordance with the PR process. Through site observations, personnel interviews, document and record reviews, yellow sticky exercise, and cause &contributor analysis, they identified areas for improvement (AFI) and strengths, and evaluated the implementation of recommendations such as the safety culture status of the power plant.

On the morning of April 28th, at the WANO PR final workshop, experts from various areas introduced the identified deviations and supporting facts in their respective areas, and the Company’s counterparts reported on the causes &contributors.

The team leader of WANO PR, Mr. Pete Bryan recognized the Company’s openness to the international review and determination to continuously improve in the process of the peer review at his summary speech. He hoped that the feedback from the WANO PR over those three weeks can provide enlightenment for the power plant in pursuing excellence.

Mr. Carlo WOLTERS, President of EPZ Energy Company from Netherlands, is the industry advisor of WANO PR. He highly recognized the housekeeping and the open attitude of the power plant, and proposed that the power plant should focus more on performance improvement, human behavior and work habits.

The exit representative of WANO PR is Francois PAULHAC, Head of the Review Department of WANO Paris Center. He commented that Taishan WANO PR was a model of peer review and hoped that the power plant can fully communicate and cooperate with the review team on this peer review, exploring how to achieve the best performance.

Mr. Liu Dan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of TSNP, expressed gratitude for the hard work of the WANO PR team and relevant teams of the Company over those three weeks in his summary speech, and responded to the suggestions and expectations put forward by the PR team leader and representatives one by one. He stated that TSNP will take this PR as an opportunity to continue to promote the profound change of the power plant, pursue excellence, carefully and deeply analyze the feedback and facts from this WANO PR, and keep improving; continue to develop the safety culture, and integrate the first EPR reactor spirit and the safety culture into the genes of staff of TSNP. He proposed three requirements for subsequent work: first, do well in the follow-up of PR, actively communicate with WANO, continue to benchmark with the fleet, and continuously pursue high standards; second, do well in the work of the first EPR, and contribute value and strength to the EPR industry; third, enhance the implementation capacity, always maintain the courage, and correct deviations with a zero-tolerance attitude.

Mr. Zhao Wensheng and Mr. Chen Jisheng, members of the Party Committee and Deputy General Managers of TSNP, Mr. Han Shuang, Deputy General Manager, Mr. Huang Bin, Chief Safety Officer, and chief engineers, all management teams, counterparts from each area, coordinators as well as employee representatives of cooperative companies, participated in the final workshop.