Labor Union of TNPJVC Has Performed the "Beating the Heat" Activity

Create Date:2022-07-19  【 big normal small 】

    In summer, the labor union is concerned about the workers’ health and safety during the heatwave. Recently, it has started the “Beating the heat” activity, providing the frontline workers with the beverages for remaining cool in hot weather.

    During the visit, the members of labor union asked the frontline workers to maintain a proper balance between work and rest and get the work done while ensuring their own safety. The members also urged the heads of departments to prevent the heatstroke and take steps to lower the temperature. The heads were grateful for the Company’s care towards the workers.
    For a long time, the labor union of TNPJVC has continued the “Beating the heat” activity and viewed it as the most considerate way to care about workers. During the activity, the labor union takes actions to keep workers cool in the heatwave and shows solicitude for them.