TSNP Visited the Old Party Members in the Neighboring Communities in July 1st

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    In the morning of July 1st, TSNP visited the old Party members in the neighboring communities, sending the warmth of the Company to the homes and the hearts of the old Party members.
    Li Chunan, an 83-year-old Party member with a 52-year Party standing, who lives in Tonggu Village. He had been working in the border post of Tonggu for 13 years. The visiting group members chatted with him and asked him about his health and living situation. He appreciated the concern by TSNP and shared his work experiences in the border post as a Party member. The group members were touched by the story of him and felt that our happy life today is created by the generations of old Party members.
    This visit to old Party members in July 1st was carried out to five administrative villages, including Tonggu, Caochong, Pangbo, Beimen and Dutou, visiting more than 60 old Party members and backbones of village committees.