Instrument & Control Department of TNPJVC earned the honoralble title of "Pioneer of Workers" in Guangdong Province

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On April 28th, OPI was awarded the honorable title of “Pioneer of Workers” by Guangdong Federation of Trade Union.

(Pei Jianshe, who is in charge of OPI, collected the certificate. )

There are 56 management and technical talents in OPI. The backbone of the team was born in 1980s. Faced with the arduous tasks in the construction and initial operation of the first EPR reactor of the third generation, the team shoulders the responsibility and cooperates to improve the technical capability. More than 10-years of experience have enabled the team to grow into one that is capable of having strong technical skills and solving difficult technical issues. The team pursues scientific and technological innovations and plans ahead in tackling technical issues. The team has developed more than 10 special tools for EPR instrumentation and control, 10 of which are patented nationally. In addition, some tools are adopted by other nuclear power projects.