TNPJVC held the first safety culture advancement meeting in 2022

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Recently, Mr. Liu Haijun, the Secretary of the Party committee, Chairman, General Manager and leader of the safety culture advancement group of TNPJVC, chaired the Company’s first safety culture advancement meeting in 2022. Mr. Yang Zhichao, the Deputy Division Chief of Nuclear Facilities Supervision Division 2 under South China Regional Office of Nuclear and Radiation Safety Inspection (SCRO), and Mr. Huang Bin, the Safety Director of TNPJVC and deputy leader of the safety culture advancement group, attended the meeting.

The Company’s safety culture work in 2021, the safety culture work plans in 2022 and the adjustment of the Company’s safety culture advancement organization were reported in the meeting. Participants shared their understanding of safety culture, safety culture work of all units (departments) and suggestions on safety culture advancement in 2022 according to the facts they encountered at work.

Mr. Huang Bin has highlighted that everyone should be involved in safety culture advancement with consistent standard. Requirements should be put into practice to give play to the organization of safety culture advancement as well as the management and senior positions’ guidance to safety culture. Safety culture should be advanced in a practical manner.

Mr. Yang Zhichao said, this year, SCRO will continue to carry out the activity of “integrating nuclear safety culture into the groups”, and take the cooperation partners of TSNP as the focus of this activity. He stressed that nuclear safety culture development should be strengthened unswervingly to shape a sound atmosphere that the whole industry and the whole society jointly maintain nuclear safety, in which everyone is involved with his or her share of responsibility. All units (departments) of TSNP need to engage in safety culture advancement, work together to operate well the first EPR reactor in the world and celebrate the successful convocation of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements.

Mr. Liu Haijun has delivered the guiding principles of Video and Telephone Conference of National Safe Operation and the Video Conference of Safe Operation Work of Chinese central State-owned enterprises. He stressed that everyone in TSNP should raise the awareness, implement the requirements from higher level, keep the bottom line of safety, and carry out all activities to full effect.