TNPJVC carried out the  voluntary activity of "circuit Maintenance in Rural Area,Hidden Dangers Elimination for safety"

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Recently, TNPJVC carried out the voluntary activity of “Circuit Maintenance in Rural Area, Hidden Dangers Elimination for Safety” to inspect the circuit and deal with the hidden dangers for families in Tonggu village, Chixi town.

In the morning of that day, the volunteers came to Mr. Chen’s home. Mr. Chen is a 67-year-old empty nester in Tonggu village, Chixi town. The volunteers thoroughly and carefully checked the circuit equipment in Mr. Chen’s house as planned. They found that the circuit was damp and aged. What’s worse, some switch connectors were loose, and the layout of wires and fans also had potential dangers. The volunteers discussed and formulated the modification plan for addressing the problems found. Guided by the “SPDF” (strict compliance, prudent decision-making, detail-oriented, fact-based approach) principle, they added trunking, installed new cables, replaced the faulty electrical switches and explained the safety precautions for safe use of power to Mr. Chen.