【World Enviorment Day】Let's Work Together to Build a Clean and Beautiful World

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    With the advent of World Environment Day, TSNP launched a series of activities in order to publicize the idea of environmental protection and jointly build a clean and beautiful world.
    Activity 1: Environmental Protection in School
    On May 31st, our staff went to the Central Primary School in Chixi Town aiming at the activity of “Environmental Protection in School”. They gave a vivid lesson about environmental protection which covered the national idea and goal of environmental protection and the important role of nuclear power as clean energy in energy conservation and emissions reduction by taking TSNP as an example.

     Activity 2: Knowing the Green Energy
On June 2nd, 40 environmental protection workers from Taishan Branch of Ecology and Environment Bureau of Jiangmen City and towns (subdistricts) of Taishan visited TSNP and began their journey of green energy.

    Amid the activity, environmental protection workers visited the exhibition hall of nuclear power knowledge, where they learned about the development history of TSNP, the theory of nuclear power generation, characteristics of EPR technology, the safety of nuclear power as well as the benefits of energy conservation and emissions reduction. After that, they had a deeper understanding on how nuclear power facilitates the country to peak carbon dioxide emissions and achieve carbon neutrality.

    Activity 3: Drawing Competition
    Based on the “Environmental Protection in School”, a drawing competition with the theme of “clean energy builds a green and beautiful world” was conducted among teachers and students from the school and TNPJVC’s employees and their family. The drawings are helpful for us to keep the idea of environmental protection in mind.