TSNP Held the First Safety Culture Debate

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    To implement the requirement of “safe operations responsibility for all staff”, on June 30th, the Youth League Committee of TSNP and the Nuclear Safety Culture Promotion Workshop (hereinafter referred to as the Workshop) held the first safety culture debate with the topic of “Leaders or Employees are the Key to the Implementation of the Safe Operations Responsibility”, so as to study and implement the important statement about safety operations by the General Secretary Xi Jinping, improve the safety awareness and responsibility awareness to all staff and promote nuclear safety culture development.

    The debaters of the safety culture debate were selected from the reserve management staff, model youth and professional backbones of each department to form the pros and cons. The debaters’ statements were logical and clear, the rebuttals were delightful, the arguments were incredible and the conclusions were convincing. In this process, the pros and cons fully explained the concepts of leaders and staff, the source of all-staff safety operations responsibility and the responsibilities of leaders and staff in the implementation. In addition, they listed the detailed actions for implementing all-staff safe operations responsibility with the key words such as I want safety, team safety development and the first person in charge. It showed the understanding by the debaters of all-staff safety operations responsibility.

    In this activity, there were also interactions such as the audience asking questions to debaters, and the debaters asking questions to leaders, which enhanced the thinking of all-staff safe operations responsibility for all participants.

    According to the scores given by the judges, the team of cons won the debate, and Zhang Feng, the debater from the team of pros, was awarded as the “Best Debater”.

    Mr. Liu Dan, the deputy Party secretary and General Manager of TNPJVC, attended the debate, expressed his appreciation to South China Regional Office of Nuclear and Radiation Safety Inspection of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the PRC (hereinafter referred to as SCRO) for its support in promoting the nuclear safety culture of TNPJVC, and gave credit to various nuclear safety culture publicity and promotion activities following the establishment of workshop. He pointed out that the substantial exposition in this debate allows every audience to have a clearer understanding of leaders and employees’ responsibilities in fulfilling safe operations, which is conducive to raising the awareness and strengthening the implementation. Mr. Liu hoped that the highlights of this debate can play a role in every job and every post to grow like “seeds”, and they can truly become an effective tool to improve the Company’s safe operations performance.

    Mr. Wang Jin, the head of Nuclear Facilities Oversight Division II of SCRO, pointed out that this debate is an “audience-friendly” activity for promoting nuclear safety culture, which conforms to the “attitude and model of management” and “participation and responsibility awareness of all staff”, two of the eight traits of nuclear safety culture. Mr. Wang hoped that TNPJVC, together with SCRO, would build the Nuclear Safety Culture Promotion Workshop into a role model for advancing domestic nuclear safety culture.