Voluntary Repair for the Villages to Build Closer Ties with Neighbors

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    On the afternoon of July 8th, a volunteer group consisting of I&C maintenance personnel from TNPJVC and the veteran maintenance personnel from Taishan branch of CGN Service Group Co., Ltd came to Longjing village not far from TSNP with tools, daily necessities and sincerity to repair the household appliances for the villagers.
    A little boy pushing a bicycle came!
    As soon as the area for repairing the household appliances was arrayed, a little boy pushing a bicycle came. The friendly and skilled volunteer said “the back wheel was slightly stuck. Let me check it for you”, and he took out the spanner right away. With the highly efficient repair, the back wheel ran smoothly again.  
    The little boy was eager to try the bike, but the volunteer held him back and said, “Wait a minute. Let me check the front wheel and the brake.”
    Just a few minutes, the little boy’s bicycle functioned. After being told to be careful by the volunteers, the little boy rode the bike cheerfully in the village.
    Fixing the small household appliances, we meant it.
    Probably the clear bell and the cheer of the little boy drew the local residents’ attention. More and more villagers came with their household appliances.

    The household appliances included the faulty electric fan, the water heater and the electric rice cooker. Since the area became more and more crowded, the volunteer group divided their work immediately:

    First of all, the reception group tried to know what the problems were. Secondly, the professional maintenance group located the problems and fixed them as much as they could. Then the overall cleanness group made the appliances look like new ones. Lastly, the logistics group gave eggs and tissues to the villagers whose appliances could not be fixed and “delivered the repaired appliances to the elderly’s doors”.

    The villagers came on an impulse and went back with benefits. The household appliances returned to be normal, making the villagers laugh with joy.

    “They do have skills.”
     A villager whose two appliances were fixed believed that “they do have skills.” Hence, she brought her treasured stereo for square dancing and complained that “it was expensive and I found nowhere to fix it”. The volunteers rolled up their sleeves and said, “let us check.”

    After examination, it turned out that the switch of stereo had failed, but there was no spare part in the same model. The idea of replacing the faulty switch with a domestic one occurred to volunteers. When the switch was pressed, music came out of the “silent” stereo. The villager gave a thumbs up and said happily that “I can use it in the square tonight”.

    Volunteers’ stories, to be continued...
    An afterglow of sunset appeared in the sky, with a warm blowing breeze of July.
    Under the afterglow, there were flooded paddies, clusters of houses built against the mountains, smoke curling upwards from the chimney and children coming home from the school. After a busy afternoon, the free repair came to an end. Volunteers left with the praise that “volunteers from TSNP were skillful”. Good neighbor, see you next time!