TNPJVC Launched the Voluntary Repair Called "TNPJVC Cares About Its Neighbors and Conducts Voluntary Service in the Village"

Create Date:2022-11-26  【 big normal small 】

“These small appliances do not function. It's not cost-effective to repair them and it's a pity to throw them away. Thank you very much.” Recently, TNPJVC’s Youth League Committee worked with Youth League branches from CGN Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd and Taishan Branch of CGN Service Group to launch a voluntary repair called "TNPJVC cares about its neighbors and conducts voluntary service in the village", which won praise from the villagers.

On that day, volunteers arrived early at the entrance of Tonggu Village Committee. They put up a tent, placed tools, and began the "business". There were electric fan, induction cooker, rice cooker, printer, laptop and washing machine. Volunteers meticulously searched for the cause of malfunction. “Poor operating habits also damage the electrical appliances", said a volunteer. They were telling the correct usage and maintenance methods to the villagers while fixing the appliances.

Voluntary repair of household appliances is one of the volunteer service projects of TNPJVC’s Youth League Committee. TNPJVC’s youth is willing to do something within their capacities for the neighbors.