TNPJVC launched a series of activities for International Working Women’s Day

Create Date:2020-03-13  【 big normal small 】

On the International Working Women’s Day of 2020, Women's Work Committee of TNPJVC launched a series of activities to show the caring about the working women of TNPJVC.

On March 8th, Women Worker’s Committee, together with Human Resources Department, invited a professional lecturer to have an online lecture   about “Highly efficient sleep and self-cultivation”, which addressed some common sleep problems and provided techniques to promote sleep quality. On the evening of Mar.7th, during the online lecturing, there were 453 people connected in total. The lecturer also answered questions about healthy sleep from the TNPJVC staff on line.

During epidemic prevention, our personnel spent much time indoors and gradually got eye strain due to excessive attention on electronic devices. After a careful study of needs, women worker’s committee prepared an eye-nourishing gift. Besides, a creative greeting card was given to every woman worker, conveying the love and care.

As pioneers and operators of the third generation of nuclear power plant, our female workers hold up half of sky above Taishan Nuclear Power Plant!