TSNP and Chixi Town launched the activity ‘beautiful Taishan, nuclear-harmony development’ with theme of environmental protection

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On the afternoon of June 4th, Caochong village and Longjing village nearby TSNP site were bustling. As TSNP and people’s government of Chixi Town jointly held the activity ‘beautiful Taishan, nuclear-harmony development’ with the theme of environmental protection, attracting over 150 villagers.

‘I know this, I choose C.’ ‘So the existence of Taishan nuclear power plant equates to so much afforestation.’ ‘I know you come to pick litchis this time every year and it’s to monitor the radiation’. So that’s how matters stand, before the activity, the general knowledge of environmental protection had been publicized to the neighboring villages through the popular and welcomed form of fans. While shaking a fan, villagers visited the spot and answered the questions by drawing lots in order.

As some of the villagers are aged with poor eyesight and unversed in Mandarin, the secretary of Caochong village Party branch read the questions loudly in the local language Hakka (kejia). If someone gave the correct answer immediately, all smiled together; if some was scratching the head while thinking, the staff would show the fan, explain the question and help to answer.

“How many barriers are there in the power plant that make sure no release of radioactive substances to the environment?” As the question was recited, the villager who took this answered “three” immediately. “I know this! I have been to the power plant for multiple times!” People around praised him with thumbs up. This interactive quiz encompasses knowledge in environmental protection, popularization of nuclear power, and tips about pandemic prevention like wearing a mask in supermarket, washing hands in seven steps, etc.

Mr. Li Yaquan from the Chemistry and Environmental Protection Department is one of the organizers of this activity. He values this opportunity of close exchanges with villagers nearby. Caochong village and Longjing village are some environmental monitoring points of Taishan Nuclear Power Plant, as soil, air, water, living creatures there are radioactively monitored on a regular basis. “Previously, the public had a feeling of doubt about the environmental monitoring car. But this time, the doubt’s cleared. Actually, before and after the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant is built, radioactive level remains. ”

Party branch secretary of the village also said, “Taishan Nuclear Power has been here for more than a decade and villagers has been living in peace and contentment. Nuclear power is environment-friendly and safe.”

As the sun set, activity shifted to the living area in nuclear power base. After dinner, the “environmental Q&A stands” were put up again, attracting employees and their families who just got off work and went out for a walk after dinner. “Come and take the temperature first, and wash your hands”, the activity volunteers hailed, to strictly obey the pandemic prevention rules. Night fell. After answering the questions, several people friendly chatted with the activity organizers. What a warm and harmonious picture!

Environment Day activity of this year witnessed the first time of Taishan nuclear power “going out”. People from Taishan nuclear power silently made their wishes: “We welcome the surrounding public to visit Taishan Nuclear power at any time, and expect in-depth communication with our neighbors in the future!” They hope the Environment Day activity can make a little bit contribution to the beautiful Taishan, the charming Greater Bay Area, and the splendid China!