TSNP site was safe and steady after Typhoon Nuri landed

Create Date:2020-06-15  【 big normal small 】

According to the National Meteorological Center (NMC), Nuri, the first typhoon hit China this year, landed on Hailing Island in Yangjiang city in the morning of June 14th, packing winds of level 9 at the maximum (23 m/s) and with an atmospheric pressure of 990 hectopascals at its center. While TSNP site with a distance in a straight line from the landing site was safe and steady.

At 10:00, June 13rd, TSNP Emergency Headquarters held a kick-off meeting on typhoon prevention, where each department and emergency groups introduced how they addressed hidden risks and responded to typhoon. The headquarters made a deployment of anti-typhoon preparation and support in communication, logistics and emergency supplies.

▲TSNP held a kick-off meeting on typhoon prevention

▲Emergency food purchased by TSNP for TOD was in place

▲Emergency food was provided in canteen in advance

▲Workshop buildings and office buildings were strengthened in advance

At 14:11, June 13th, TSNP typhoon alert T3 was activated. As responses, the materials and documents easy to be affected by typhoon were transferred; Staff prepared to stop work; Preparation against typhoon was checked; Outdoor activities were suspended; Operation crew focused on units status; The headquarter triggered 24H working system.At 19:30, another meeting on typhoon prevention is held. According to early warning, anti-typhoon tasks would be upgraded. As all the emergency staff was at post and preparations were made, the anti-typhoon mission was ready.

At 8:50, June 14, Typhoon“Nuri”, as a tropical storm, landed at Hailing island of Yangjiang City. Units at the base remained safe operation. No loss was generated for people or equipment.