Rien n’est solitaire tout est solidadire——French staff from TNPJVC make donation to local hospital in support of prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia

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“Shall we donate money to China and Chinese Communist Party like party members do?” An idea came to Vincent Denis LANCIEN, a French employee who learned that party members were making donations for fighting against novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19).
He thought for a while, proposed his idea in the Wechat group that includes French staff, and saw if anyone would like to make a donation for conquering COVID-19. To his surprise, he received immediate reply and support: “This is a perfect idea. No need for a second thought.” Deputy Manager of TNPJVC, Jean-Baptiste DUTTO from EDF was the first person to reply the message and transfer to Vincent.
With support of French staff, Vincent contacted the person in charge of donation from Party and Mass Affairs Department for details. Finally, the efforts paid off——Mr. DUTTO, Mr. LANCIEN, and Mr. Zhang Yaqi from occupational medical group went with the best wishes and donations from nearly 20 French employees and their families, to Taishan Second People’s Hospital (previously Doushan Hospital).

Taishan Second People’s Hospital cancelled the Spring Festival holiday at the time of outbreak of COVID-19. Medical care personnel worked in shifts and stuck to their posts and some voluntarily joined in the pandemic monitoring at the entrances and exits of highways. Taishan Second People’s Hospital has fever clinic which is the nearest to Taishan Nuclear Power Project and, at the special period of prevention and control of pandemic, cured the staff having a cold of several companies at base.
Jean-Baptiste DUTTO expressed respect and thanks to the hospital for what they had done in the prevention and control of COVID-19. Amelie Yang, from EDF, taking out the picture of her parents, said that although her parents are in France, they joined in the donation to do their bit when their motherland was in hard time.
The director of the hospital was surprised but filled with gratitude when hearing of the spontaneous donation by France friends from Taishan Nuclear Power Plant, repeatedly saying “Thanks, thanks!” As a hospital donated by overseas Chinese from Taishan, this is the first time for it to receive donation from French people. The director said immediately that the story would be written into the hospital’s history.
At that very moment, it was just like the quote from Victor Hugo, the great French writer, “No solitude, all is solidarity”, which was exactly and thoughtfully printed on the packages of 50,000 surgical masks donated by CGN to EDF for pandemic prevention on Mar. 20th, facing increasingly severe pandemic situation abroad.

Taishan Nuclear Power Plant is a cooperation project between China and France and Vincent Denis LANCIEN is one of many French employees there. In 2011, he began his career in Taishan Nuclear Power Plant and started knowing many Chinese friends. He gets along very well with his Chinese Friends and the longtime friendship promotes his fondness of China and Chinese people. He said it is the Chinese people he loves most in China. “Chinese people are warm-hearted and kind and I can give you ten thousands examples if you want.” Vincent added firmly. A colleague of Vincent, Mr. Wen Caiqiang, once invited him and his family to try the kiln chicken which was cooked in the fields. “We had bonfire and delicious food. Our kids were playing happily in the field and we were chatting under the starry sky. What a happy hour,” recalled Vincent with a big smile on his face.
“I hope the pandemic will end very soon and then we can taste the kiln chicken again with my Chinese friends,” Vincent made his wish. For the pandemic prevention and control work of TNPJVC, he said: “The Company acted very quickly and took strict prevention measures in the first instance. In the beginning, I thought we overacted, such as using toothpick to press the buttons in the elevator. But now, I understand every detail contributes.” Vincent’s wife is a Chinese, and they were going to meet her sister this spring festival holiday, but they decided to stay in the Base due to the pandemic, because they found the TSNP Base is the safest place right now. He even has a metaphor: “In the movies, there is always a survival base to protect the roles facing the disaster and TSNP Base is such a base for us.”
We shall help each other and expect the V-day in the global fighting against COVID-19.