TSNP volunteers fight against epidemic

Create Date:2020-03-19  【 big normal small 】

“The party leads, the youth league follows.” Since the novel coronavirus pneumonia broke out, the party committee of TNPJVC has made unified deployment, under which the youth leagues at all levels follow the direction and take the initiative in developing a volunteer team. For epidemic prevention and safe production, volunteers deliver meals, measures temperature for other personnel. The spirits of contribution, friendliness, cooperation, progress are greatly manifested in their services.

Among them, there’re volunteers who independently make disinfectant, who maintain orders at the entrance during peak hours, who provide support in checking access permits and measuring temperature, who deliver over a thousand meals to comfort colleagues in quarantine. To express the solicitude and care, volunteers of epidemic preventive and control team sent fruits provided by TNPJVC labor union to the people who stayed at home for observation. To further strengthen the sense against epidemic and individual protective habits, the volunteers patrolled inside and outside the SLA, supervising and pointing out the unobservant behaviors by employees, family members or personnel from counterparts, making their contribution for a better environment of epidemic prevention and control.

If there are needs, there will be actions by our volunteers. In this battle without bullets, more than 130 volunteers stepped forward bravely and altogether served over 200 hours. They fought against the epidemic with practical actions and contributed their efforts for safe production.