TSNP was safe from the typhoon "Higos"

Create Date:2020-08-21  【 big normal small 】

    At 6:00 on August 19th, according to the news released by the Guangdong Meteorological Observatory, typhoon “Higos” landed in Jinwan District of Zhuhai. All facilities and personnel in TSNP were in a safe state.

    At 22:27 on August 18th, TSNP has issued T4 anti-typhoon instructions, stopped all operations on site, non-emergency personnel evacuated to living areas and emergency personnel carried out anti-typhoon work. At 23:00, the emergency personnel and site support team went to the designated standby point for standby.

    During the typhoon, TSNP carried out the work according to the emergency plan. At 15:42 on August 19th, typhoon “Higos” has been far away from TSNP, and each anti-typhoon organization in TSNP carried out experience feedback and summary for this typhoon response.