SCRO and TNPJVC Conducted High-impact Training on Safety Culture

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To deepen the development of nuclear safety culture continuously, Office of Nuclear Safety Culture Advancement for EPR in the world, jointly founded by South China Nuclear and Radiation Oversight Station (hereinafter referred to as SCRO) of Ministry of Ecology and Environment and TNPJVC, has organized the 2022 high-impact training on safety culture recently on site. More than 160 management staff and workers from SCRO, TNPJVC and main contractors attended. Huang Bin, Safety Director of TNPJVC, hosted this activity.

Liu Dan, the deputy Party secretary and General Manager of TNPJVC, carried out the high-impact training with the theme of “taking history as a mirror, securing absolute nuclear safety”. Liu Dan delivered the guiding principles from important written instructions or comments in relation to nuclear safety of Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee. From “bearing in mind, fulfilling the responsibility of safety and stability”, “taking history as a mirror, building the foundation of safety culture”, “asking yourself if it is perfectly safe” and “examining yourself and performing your duty”, listener-friendly language was used to allow the workers to engrave the idea of safety culture on their mind. He requested the management staff and workers of TNPJVC to bear firmly in mind the instructions of the general secretary, tell their stories of advancing nuclear safety culture continuously with the support of Office of Nuclear Safety Culture Advancement, carry forward the spirit of perseverance, intensify the sense of historical mission and the sense of responsibility, pass on and carry forward the “spirit of the first EPR reactor” and follow the work style of “SPDF (strict compliance, prudent decision-making, detail-oriented, fact-based approach)” to contribute to the nuclear power development and prosperity and strength of our country.

Mr. Ma Chenghui, Deputy Director of SCRO, stated that this activity is an important measure for studying and implementing the spirit and instructions by the leaders from the Central Committee of CPC and the State Council on nuclear power safety, and also another successful attempt by the Office of Nuclear Safety Culture Advancement to build nuclear safety culture. In the future, SCRO and TNPJVC will keep using the Office of Nuclear Safety Culture Advancement as a starting point to achieve the building and sharing of nuclear safety culture development, promote nuclear safety culture awareness, improve the nuclear safety culture quality for all staff and raise the level of nuclear safety culture in the industry.

Mr. Zhang Jian and Mr. Yang Zhichao from SCRO, members of the Party Committee and General Manager Department of TNPJVC, members of the Chief Engineer Office and the management team of each department took part in this activity.